What Is The Forming Principle Of The Cookies Making Machine?


  The cookie making machine is composed of a cookie for […]

  The cookie making machine is composed of a cookie forming machine, a tunnel-type hot air circulation electric oven, an oil injection machine, a turning machine, a cooling line, a cookie finishing machine, a cookie sandwich machine, and a packaging table. The whole line is controlled by a CPU module, driven by a back-mounted motor, with a compact structure and a high degree of automation. All mechatronics such as baking, oil injection, and cooling are automatically completed.

  (1) The temperature of the cookies making machine in the front area of the oven is too high, especially the temperature of the noodles fire is too high, at this time, the temperature of the oven should be controlled not to be too high at the beginning, and the temperature of the noodles fire should be gradually increased;

  (2) The elasticity of the dough is too large. When baking, the gluten blocks the gas channel and is not easy to escape, causing the surface to foam. At this time, the elasticity of the dough should be reduced, and a mold with more needles should be used.

  (3) The agglomeration of the leavening agent has not been opened. At this time, attention should be paid to crushing the agglomerated leavening agent before use.

  (4) Too much flour is sprinkled on the dough belt when rolling, so try to avoid or less flour.

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