The New Technology Of Automatic Encrusting Machine


  The new structure of automatic encrusting machine: Im […]

  The new structure of automatic encrusting machine: Improve the structure of the filling pump, which is completely suitable for producing vegetable fillings and other high-fiber fillings, and solves the problem that the traditional steamed bun machine cannot make vegetables fillings. Fully automatic: high degree of automation, accurate quantification, small internal pressure, uniform product size, and the ratio of skin filling to 200 grams, adjustable at will, one person can operate. Advanced design: advanced noodle feeding and filling system to fully protect the strength of noodles. Really do not hurt the face and ensure the texture of the buns. The filling is smoother and more even, no matter what kind of filling, the bun can be shaped.

  Automatic encrusting machine rate: the work efficiency is equivalent to 10-20 workers making buns and steamed buns by hand at the same time, which is a real low investment, rate, and investment savings. Reasonable structure: The buns forming, filling, noodles and the control board are all driven by independent motors, which are not prone to joint failures, and are easy to repair, disassemble, and clean. High yield rate: using the cutter head cutting and forming principle, after the buns are formed, they are conveyed by the conveyor belt, which greatly reduces the damage or deformation of the products when they fall. Beautiful and durable: the body is light, occupies less space, and is easy to move. The main parts are all made of stainless steel, with a beautiful appearance and conform to national food hygiene standards.

  The automatic encrusting machine is easy to operate: the machine adopts high-quality microcomputer control, and the humanized control is accurate and reliable and can be operated freely in 5 minutes. New design: According to the dynamic scientific design of the pastry process requirements, to confirm the density of the product, thereby ensuring the standardization of the production of steamed buns. Product diversification: One machine can produce various stuffing products and non-stuffing products such as steamed buns, pumpkin pie, xiaolongbao, round buns, round steamed buns, etc. The development of new technology, the field of automation equipment.

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