Spring Roll Skin Machine Mechanized Mass Production


  In today's fast-paced life, many people solve the pro […]

  In today's fast-paced life, many people solve the problem of eating one meal. Be more diligent, and occasionally buy some quick-frozen spring rolls and prepare them at home. Every time you want to eat, you can enjoy the delicious food in just ten minutes. Quick-frozen spring rolls are generally directly supplied by spring roll manufacturers and are generally mass-produced by spring roll skin machines, and the packaging is also mechanized.

  The spring roll skin machine is a kind of food machinery spring roll skin machine developed and designed based on a wide range of users’ opinions and based on the strengths of everyone. With the advantages of high efficiency and stable performance, it is an ideal pasta processed product! Series of automatic forming spring roll skin machine, suitable for processing hotels, restaurants, restaurants, group canteens, kindergartens, and quick-frozen spring roll production.

  The hand-made multifunctional spring roll skin machine is suitable for a variety of preparations: all kinds of meat fillings, meat and vegetable fillings, whole vegetable fillings, spring rolls, samosas, curry dumplings, and other stuffing products. The wrapped spring roll can be steamed, boiled, fried, and fried. Spring rolls, samosas, and curry dumplings are especially delicious when fried. The important thing is that they are all suitable for rapid freezing and storage, making them ideal microwave foods.

  The spring roll skin machine is easy to operate and can be operated by the inexperienced. The production speed is fast, which saves time and effort. The spring roll skin machine has an exquisite structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, and the resistance of the machine to the forming part is small. The spring roll is well-formed, and it is easy to clean after use. It can be rinsed with a water gun.

  The main feature of the spring roll skin machine is that the thickness of the spring roll skin and the amount of filling can be adjusted. According to the characteristics of spring roll forming, the principle of dual-control two-way synchronous custom feeding is adopted. There is no need to make another noodle strip during production. You only need to put the dough and filling into the designated entrance, and the spring roll with a beautiful shape will be automatically produced when the machine is turned on.

  The main components of the spring roll skin machine are made of food-grade stainless steel materials, and the conveying noodles and forming parts are made of anti-adhesive technology materials. To meet the safety and health requirements of the modern food industry, the spring roll The entire process from the process, production, final assembly, inspection to finished product delivery, all-round tracking control is carried out, and the appearance of defective spring rolls is prohibited.

  The company has an after-sales service team that can care about users, endure hardships and stands hard work, and is well-skilled. It faces the whole country and provides you with good service at any time! After the user purchases the machine, the product is guaranteed for one year and maintained for life.

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