Precautions For The Operation Of Cookies Making Machine


  Cookies making machine manufacturers will tell you wh […]

  Cookies making machine manufacturers will tell you what are the precautions for peach cakes. When operating machinery and equipment, you should pay attention to the standard operating procedures. With the advancement of the modernization process of food processing manufacturers, cookies making machine have become more and more widely used. To better cater to the market, we continue to invest in manpower and material resources to design and develop cookies making machines that cater to the market. What are the precautions for cookies making machine operations?

  Precautions for cookies making machine operation:

  1. Before using cookies making machine, check the pipeline system for air and water leakage. If so, solve it in time and establish a log of machine equipment operation and maintenance.

  2. Before the cookies making machine runs, it should be tested. Let the machine and equipment run idly for 2-3 minutes, and check whether the movement of the transmission system and the conveyor belt is stable.

  3. Turn on the slick oil removal device, so the water pump is still on, the water surface is calm, and the oil drain effect is better. After the slick oil is removed, the oil removal should be stopped.

  4. Place the fruits or vegetables and other materials to be processed neatly on the conveyor belt, not on the rollers, and be careful during operation.

  5. The materials to be processed cannot be piled too much on the conveyor belt to prevent it from affecting the cleaning effect, and the items after cleaning cannot be parked on the conveyor belt, which affects the subsequent work.

  6. The cleaning fluid of cookies making machine should be replenished regularly to keep the fluid level at a certain height, maintain the cleaning effect, and establish the operation and maintenance log of the machine and equipment.

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