Cookies Making Machine Sugar Pretreatment


  Sugar crystals are not easy about fully melt when mix […]

  Sugar crystals are not easy about fully melt when mixing the dough, so when using the cookies making machine, directly using sugar will make the cookie surfaces visible sugar particles, or melt during high-temperature baking, causing the cookie surface to become numb and inside There are holes. The crisp dough have a short mixing time and a small amount of water, and the above phenomenon is more likely to occur. Therefore, the sugar is generally ground into powdered sugar or melted into a syrup. In order to remove impurities and ensure fineness, the ground sugar powder should be sieved, generally using a 100-hole/hour sieve. If the powdered sugar is ground by the workshop itself, the temperature after crushing is relatively high, so it should be cooled before use to avoid affecting the dough temperature. Melt sugar into syrup, adding water is generally 30%-40% of the amount of sugar. When heating and melting, control the temperature and stir frequently to prevent burnt and make the sugar fully melt. After boiling and melting, filter and cool for later use.

   Because sugar has strong water absorption, the use of syrup can prevent direct contact between water and flour protein and excessive swelling, which is a measure to control the formation of excessive gluten. Some factories also adjust the temperature of the dough by controlling the temperature of the syrup. In winter, the temperature of the syrup can be increased, but it is necessary to prevent the flour from being cooked when the temperature is too high.

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