Comparison Of Spring Roll Skin Machine


  1. Use:   The spring roll skin machine can make round […]

  1. Use:

  The spring roll skin machine can make round or square spring roll skins, samosa skins, egg skins, and French pancakes. The thickness is 0.3-0.8 mm. It is suitable for processing spring roll skins of various materials, and can also be used to make other sliced ​​foods. Factories, especially export companies.

  2. Principles

  The batter is made according to the requirements of the battery production process. The batter is heated and baked in a round baking pan to become spring rolls or other fixed thickness sheet foods.

  3, the process

  Put the prepared batter into a slurry bucket and heat it to 160°C; start the slurry pump, send the batter to the nozzle, operate the clutch lever, and make the batter stick to the arc surface of the baking wheel. When the wheel rotates at an angle of 270-300 degrees, the batter will automatically separate from the baking wheel after it is cooked to form a spring roll with a fixed thickness, which can be sold or rolled after being cut into cubes with a cutting machine.

  4. Comparison

  This machine is made of high thermal conductivity alloy steel, which conducts heat quickly and saves electricity. The temperature control system adopts imported intelligent adjustment, with fast temperature response and small error. The products produced have good color consistency, low adhesion, and easy tearing. The machine has automatic cutting and finishing functions.

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