HJ-630 Two rollers flaky pastry making machine

HJ-630 Two rollers flaky pastry making machine

HJ-630 on the basis of HJ-620 increase of a group of wheel,make the dough smooth toughness enhancement, product weight is more stable. taste better. With different kneading machine can produce pasta, bre ad,pastry products.

-There is a damper at the dough wheel,you can set the width of dough.Width of the rollers includes three types: 1 30mm,200mm and 280mm.
-The food size and production capacity can be changed by adjusting cutter speed.
-Machine is equipped with emergency switch and start-up buzzer, which can enhance the operation safety.
-Three steps dough press roller. it makes the dough getting thin gradually.
-Roll-up molding. it will not destroy the dough. which keeps taste like hand-made type.
-Many types cutter to choose to make various food.
-Food size ,production speed ,the ratio of wrapper and filling can be adjusted.
- Filling machine is independent, it is convenient to change filling.
-The separate cutter machine is equipped with various shape of cutters ,flaky pastry, meat bun .hamburg ,pineapple pie can be produced by corre sponding cutter.
-Simple switch between shutter cutter and blade cutter with one button.
-Food product range: 10- 150g round type pie 60-1 20pcs/min.
-Food size :50cm (cutting type food ) 100- 1 80pcs/min.

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