mochi making machine

mochi making machine

HJ-860 mochi making machine use Mitsubishi's human-computer interface, PLC, Siemens optoelecronic switch, Taiwan driving motor and Japanese complete sets of knives, machine body all parts use high quality stainless steel to make sure the machine keep steady. Safe and healthy.

It can make kinds of snack food, like filled cookies /croquettes/kibbeh/coxinha/maamoul/cheese balls/mochi /churros/energy balls/date bar and others

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Product Details

Model number HJ-860
Capacity 5000-6000pcs/h
Product weight 5-200g/pc
Power 1.5kw
Dimension 167*92*129cm
Machine weight 400kg



1.The machine is PLC Touch screen, easy to operation.

2. The machine could save 99 types production modes.

3. Two hoppers is Polymer composite plastics, it is light weight , non-stick ,easy to tear down &install , easy to clean comparing with stainless steel

4.Machine with mixing structure better than normal encrusting machine. It can produce twist products. And makes the skin of the product is more smoother.

5. The machine also can add a hopper, which can produce double filling maamoul/cookies, or double color with one filling cookies.

6.The machine is multi-funcation ,can by change molds making different shape food,also food size,weight,length,and ratio of dough and filling is adjustable.


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