What Are The Correct Ways To Use A Steamed Bun Machine?


  Now let the HANJUE steamed bun machine manufacturer i […]

  Now let the HANJUE steamed bun machine manufacturer introduce to you the correct use of a steamed bun machine. As a popular noodle food processing equipment in the catering market and even family life, who is the position of steamed bun machine in the food processing industry? They can’t be replaced, but do you know the correct way to use a steamed bun machine? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the safe and correct use of steamed bun machines. I hope it will be helpful to you.

  The steamed bun machine is mainly used to knead different flours to produce soft and tough steamed buns. It is an efficient steamed bun-making machine. Its production principle is very simple. It has many similarities with handmade steamed buns. Place first put the fermented dough into the steamed bun machine's noodle hopper, and leave the next work to the steamed bun machine! It will be transmitted to the pressing roller, forming roller, and forming roller through a chain drive through power. conveyor. Through mixing and squeezing, the dough is evenly transported to the forming knife for cutting and then enters the forming roller to knead until it becomes a ball-shaped bun. How about? Simple, the color of the bun made by the steamed bun machine is white and tender. , And very strong, far surpassing traditional hand-made in production efficiency.

  The steamed bun machine is based on the feedback from the vast number of users to continuously improve the professional technology and gain experience, and continuously improve the technology to hide the food processing equipment used by the customers. The volume and size of the kneaded steamed buns can be uniform, and the appearance is more beautiful. To a certain extent, using a step-less adjustment control system, the kneaded dough is more bulky, smooth, sweet, and delicious, bright and white, and has a good taste than the hand. The steamed bun machine uses the technology of automatic folding and cutting to shape, which keeps the level of the buns clear, beautiful in appearance, and chewy texture after steaming, which is highly appreciated by consumers.

  Seeing this, do you already know how to use a steamed bun machine? The manufacturer of HANJUE steamed bun machine reminds you that steamed bun machine has many advantages, but there are still certain safe use methods, such as checking before use Whether the power supply and voltage are normal, check whether each oiling hole and transmission parts need lubricating oil, be sure to start the motor under normal conditions together, and evenly put the mixed dough into the hopper of the steamed bun machine. When the early dough is bent and flattened, it should be in a natural falling state when entering the folding roller. Do not touch it with your hands at this time to avoid measurement errors or blockage. After the introduction of the editor, have you been deeply fascinated by this machine? If you also want to use such a machine, then please call us or leave a message.

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