The Maintenance Trilogy Of Automatic Encrusting Machine


  Everyone is familiar with the automatic encrusting ma […]

  Everyone is familiar with the automatic encrusting machine. For the automatic encrusting machine purchased back, his main task is to provide services to the packaging company. While the automatic encrusting machine provides services to the company, the packaging company also needs to maintain the automatic encrusting machine. Otherwise, he will be damaged due to work day and night, so the final loss is the packaging company. For the automatic encrusting machine that we purchase back, how do we need to maintain it? Today, let’s talk about it:

  The trilogy of routine maintenance of automatic encrusting machines:

  Primary stage: Maintenance is carried out based on regular maintenance. The job responsibility is to lubricate, tighten and inspect various relevant parts of the automatic encrusting machine, as well as clean up.

  The second stage: maintenance work is mainly inspection and adjustment. Carry out actual inspection of diesel engine, clutch, gearbox, drive train prefabricated parts, transmission, and braking system prefabricated parts.

  The third stage: Maintenance is inspection, adjustment, fault detection, and elimination of potential safety hazards, balancing the damage of various components. For the parts that endanger the performance indicators of the automatic encrusting machine and the parts with common failure signs, diagnostic testing, and condition-related inspections should be carried out to carry out necessary disassembly, adjustment, and common troubleshooting.

  Seasonal maintenance:

  The seasonal maintenance of the automatic encrusting machine refers to the inspection and repair of prefabricated components such as fuel oil system software, hydraulic transmission system, refrigeration system, and starting system software every year before the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter.

  Disable maintenance:

  Automatic encrusting machine out-of-service maintenance refers to cleaning, supporting facilities, and anti-corrosion work when the automatic encrusting machine must be out of service for some time due to seasonal factors (such as winter holidays).

  Only if the automatic encrusting machine is maintained by the requirements, its work efficiency and lifespan will be longer. Only enterprises can make full use of the automatic encrusting machine.

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