The Future Development Trend Of Cookies Making Machine


1. Thin, crisp, special-shaped, and different flavor va […]

1. Thin, crisp, special-shaped, and different flavor varieties; now, light, crisp, and attractive biscuits are favored by consumers. It is required to be non-greasy in the mouth, non-sticky to chew, convenient to eat, and easy to digest. Shaped biscuits such as grain, geometric, circle, and font shapes are popular with children. Varieties of different flavors also have potential. In addition to salty, sweet, and light biscuits, a variety of salt and pepper, spicy, braised, waxed, and strange biscuits can cater to the needs of different consumers, and thus can also occupy a place.

2. Nutrition and health-care biscuits With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the nutrition and health ingredients of food. Fortified biscuits with zinc, calcium, iron, etc., low-sugar, low-salt, and low-fat biscuits, functional biscuits containing nourishing ingredients, high-fiber, pollen, bee milk, and other health-care biscuits. As well as new types of biscuits such as brown rice, miscellaneous grains, beans, germ, etc., all have yet to be developed. 

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