The Focus Of Cookies Making Machine Production Line Cleaning


  The biscuit production line is from feeding to three- […]

  The biscuit production line is from feeding to three-time pressing, forming, sugar screening, transportation, and waste recovery. It cooperates with a tunnel oven for baking. The oil injection and cooling are all mechatronics and automatically completed. The thickness of the biscuit can be adjusted at will, and the mechanical rotation speed can be adjusted. Fast or slow step-less adjustment, and has a series of advanced equipment such as automatic temperature control.

  the biscuit production line is composed of a biscuit forming machine, tunnel hot air circulation electric oven, fuel injection machine, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwiching machine, packing table, etc. At the same time, the cleaning of the biscuit production line is also very necessary. The cleaning can be carried out according to the following steps:

  1. The biscuit production line should regularly take out the filter for cleaning. However, it should be noted here that the body of the shortbread machine is completely cooled before it is cleaned. After the reverse flushing, the impurities on the filter are rinsed. If necessary, gently scrub the filter with a brush.

  2. After the filter is cleaned, put it back into the machine in time and pay attention to the correct position.

  3. When cleaning, pay attention to the removal of impurities, and do a good job of collecting impurities. After the operation, the site must be cleaned.

  4. If the mixing blades in the biscuit production line are difficult to clean, clean them several times. Do not use abrasive cleaners and hard wool fabrics to clean them to avoid damage to the non-stick layer and affect the next mixing and cleaning effect.

  For wafer biscuits, these biscuits are soft and fragile, and difficult to make by hand, so the production line can play a decisive role in the taste of the finished product. The wafer biscuits production equipment for producing wafer biscuits has a high degree of automation and can realize fully automatic production. A wafer biscuit production line can be realized by combining various equipment such as a river flour mixer, cream coating machine, vertical freezer, crusher, and so on to form a wafer biscuit production line. Of course, nowadays, wafer biscuits are constantly being renovated to attract consumers' attention, such as adding chocolate sauce to change the color, adding double or triple sandwiches, etc. The production line only needs to select the corresponding mode to achieve rapid production.

  Although the shape of cookies is not a classification basis for various types of cookies making machines, it is an essential means to attract consumers. At present, biscuits are mainly formed by stamping and pressing, and the shape changes can be formed by changing the mold. But wafer biscuits mainly rely on cutting and forming. The fragile properties of wafer biscuits can be imagined. The key point to achieve the perfect formation of wafer biscuits lies in the "quick and precise" of the knife. Sharp and fast-running knives can cut out the regular shape. , Wafer biscuit blocks with uniform and clear cut surfaces. At present, to avoid the impact of the lack of sharpness and dirt on the knives, laser knives are used to replace traditional knives to cut food.

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