The Cookies Making Machine Manufacturer Tells You Its Characteristics


  With the development of mechanization, many food indu […]

  With the development of mechanization, many food industries have also achieved mechanized production. Cookies making machine are one of them. The following cookie making machine manufacturer - Shanghai Hanjue Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. will tell you about it. Features it!

  The cookies making machine rotates through the gap between the feeding trough rollers, and passes the extruded fabrics through various shapes of rotating dies and wire cutting dies to make various crisp and delicious cookies with clear patterns and different shapes Produce a variety of unique fancy snacks. It is suitable for food factories, restaurants, snack shops, and the raw embryos produced by this machine that can be baked in a hot-air rotary furnace or follow-up furnace.

  Features of cookies making machine:

  1. No need for skilled workers, anyone can operate

  2. PLC man-machine interface to operate LCD, with computer memory function

  3. One machine for multiple purposes, quick nozzle replacement

  We are a professional cookie making machine manufacturer, welcome to our company to buy!

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