The Automatic Encrusting Machine Reduces Labor Input Costs


  An automatic encrusting machine is a kind of equipmen […]

  An automatic encrusting machine is a kind of equipment that can produce various filling foods, such as moon cakes, pineapple cakes, sandwich cakes, pumpkin cakes, dry soft cakes, date cakes, mashed potatoes, red tortoise cakes, meatballs, bean paste buns, fish balls Wait. It is also a device for repacking fillings in fillings, and the proportion of skin fillings can be adjusted arbitrarily.

  Its appearance is to improve production efficiency, reduce labor input costs, and meet the requirements of two-person processing. No matter what kind of machine, it is to save investment. We must choose suitable machines and equipment according to our own requirements, which can greatly meet our needs.

  The automatic encrusting machine can achieve rapid production efficiency, or customers can carry out a variety of combinations and combinations of materials according to their own needs.

  1. Fast speed, filling speed up to 90 pieces per minute, 1.5 times the production capacity of similar machines

  2. High performance, can be used to produce sticky skin mochi or thin-skinned fish balls and other products

  3. Simple operation. The equipment can be equipped with a variety of tools and molds, which can be selected by the food factory according to different product needs

  4. The machine adopts a twisted screw auger as the power output for leather material supply and packing, with the help of a pressure roller to ensure the uniformity of the material, and adopts a vane pump for accurate measurement. The knife and the support plate move up and down at the same time to ensure the effect of cutting the product and distribute it evenly on the conveyor belt

  5. The conveying part adopts international advanced materials, which reduces the buffer strength of the main parts of the machine, reduces the wear of some parts of the machine, and extends the service life of the machine.

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