Some Things To Pay Attention To When Designing Cookies Making Machine


  Biscuit is a kind of food that many people prefer. Wh […]

  Biscuit is a kind of food that many people prefer. When designing cookies making machines, which aspects do manufacturers generally pay attention to? Appearance or performance? Regarding this issue, please give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you get a deeper understanding of this product! Cookies making machines generally pay more attention to stability and flexibility when designing, which is often manifested in the following three aspects:

  1. The amount of flexibility. It can not only produce a single product but also adapt to the production of different varieties of products. The production speed, product size, product weight, and filling ratio can all be adjusted and changed at any time.

  The second, the flexibility of the structure. The whole equipment is composed of units, and one or several units are used instead, which facilitates the replacement of the mold and also facilitates the user's operation.

  3. Stability of operation. The stability of the program can be maintained when the user frequently adjusts the parameters.

  4. The three-stage multifunctional cookies making machine is to press the dough into a suitable thickness by the dough wheel, and the filling is filled on the dough by the automatic stuffing machine, and then the dough is rolled into a cylindrical shape by the dough roller, and then cut by the forming machine The dough is formed into balls or strips, and then shaped into a cake. The whole process of production will not damage the gluten of the noodles and completely maintain the original taste of the food.

  5. Diversified production varieties, which can produce biscuits: crisp moon cakes, mung bean cakes, wife cakes, etc.; bread: butter bread, bean paste bread, custard bread, etc.

  As the speed of new product development continues to accelerate, new technologies are constantly being introduced, and the performance of the machine is constantly improving. To make cookies making machines have good stability and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to adopt a large number of microcomputer technology, module technology, and unit combination form.

  The design of cookies making machine should not only pay attention to its function and efficiency but also pay attention to its economy. But economics is not entirely the cost of the mechanical equipment itself, but more importantly the operating cost.

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