Some Problems And Solutions In The Use Of Steamed Bun Machine


  Some problems and solutions in the use of steamed bun […]

  Some problems and solutions in the use of steamed bun machine:

  1. The bottom of the steamed bun is too thin

  1) In such a situation, first check the proportion of skin filling, whether there is too much filling;

  2) Check whether the noodle mouth is used correctly and whether it is used according to the reference value;

  3) The filling is too thin and the flow is too large;

  4) The filling is harder than the noodles, and the filling must be softer than the noodles;

  5) The mixing machine is not right, destroying the structure of the noodles and harming the gluten.

  2. The sunken noodles are constantly cutting when the forming block is formed.

  After working for a certain period, there will be some wear and tear between the forming blocks. At this time, there will be gaps between the blocks. The adjusting nails on the side of the adjustable forming plate are tightened properly to keep the gap between the steamed bun machine-shaped blocks small. , But don’t be too tight.

  1. The stuffing sometimes doesn't come

  1) Because the filling is too thick, does not have good fluidity or the particle diameter exceeds 1 cm (must be less than 1 cm).

  2) The detachable part of the stuffing feeding mechanism is not assembled in place or some parts are installed incorrectly

  3) The adjustable controller or inverter fails

  After there is a problem, the customer should do it according to the first and second points. If the third point is the problem, please do not solve it by yourself, please contact us.

  4. The effect of the steamed bun is not very good, not very big

  The proofing time made by the machine must be a little longer than manually, because the noodles twisted by the pasta auger are extruded out of the forming block to form, so the pressure on the opposite side is greater than that of manual proofing, so manual proofing time cannot be used. To measure, it depends on the wake-up state of the steamed bun

  5. The sound of the forming plate is very loud

  If the friction between the forming blocks is too large, the adjusting nails are too tight. Add oil to each contact surface of the forming blocks, and then adjust the adjusting nails backward. Do not adjust too much at one time.

  6. The machine is very noisy

  At this time, remove the protective side plate and check if there is any foreign matter stuck in the gear, chain, or transmission part of the motor. If there is any obvious foreign matter, please do not disassemble any parts by yourself if there is no foreign matter.

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