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  Siu Mai is a very popular specialty snack. Use unleav […]

  Siu Mai is a very popular specialty snack. Use unleavened dough for the crust and the top is not sealed. There are currently two types of shumai machines on the market, automatic shumai machines, and semi-automatic shumai machines.

  First, let's take a look at the difference between the two.

  1. Automatic Shaomai Machine

  The fully automatic cooked wheat machine uses flour and fillings as raw materials to automatically press dough, stuffing, and molding. No need to make a flour belt especially, just put the kneaded dough and fillings into the designated position, then start the machine, it will automatically make the flour belt, press the dough, drag and cut the packaging, fill and shape automatically, and finally put the shumai to the conveyor belt.

  2. Semi-automatic Shaomai Machine

  The working principle of the semi-automatic shumai machine is mainly due to the dough. Semi-automatic shumai machines need to be self-made.

  By comparing the working principles of the two, we can find that the capacity of the semi-automatic Shaomai machine is lower. Therefore, the automatic rice cooking machine is the best choice for food factories.

  siomai making machine structure

  Overall, automatic and semi-automatic shumai machines work the same way. The automatic cooked wheat machine consists of five parts, stuffing system, pressing system, forming system, main control panel, and electric box. Because the semi-automatic shumai machine does not need to make the dough, there is no pressing system.

  Shumai production process

  After the dough and fillings are put into the hopper, it is carried out by the automatic wheat cooking machine. The dough is automatically conveyed to the forming equipment through the pressing system. The filling is conveyed to the forming equipment through the hopper. When the shumai is formed, it is conveyed by pushing it out through a turntable. To complete the entire production process.

  As for the semi-automatic Shaomai machine. Put the dough directly on the turntable, push the dough into the turntable with the stuffing pushrod holder, wrap it with the dough, and shape it together with the dough.

  siomai making machine capacity

  There are many types of burner machines on the market. It is divided into single rows, double rows and three rows, and its production capacity is also different. For example, the capacity of a double-row automatic shumai machine can reach 5000-6000 pieces/hour. The production capacity of semi-automatic Shaomai is much lower, about 1,000 pieces per hour for a single row, and only 2,500-3,000 pieces per hour for a double row. Therefore, capacity is the criterion for our selection.

  Materials for the shumai machine

  Stainless steel is the main material of food machinery. However, stainless steel also uses different models. 304 is general-purpose stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low-temperature strength, and mechanical properties. Most of the shumai machines use this kind of steel, which is also an important indicator for choosing a shumai machine.

  Shumai Maker aircraft maintenance

  During the production process, machine failures and loss of parts are inevitable. Therefore, the maintenance of several wheat machines is an indispensable work for us. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the machine and is very helpful to the operation and use of the machine.

  in conclusion

  In the current environment, traditional manual techniques can no longer meet the needs of enterprises. Machine building is more efficient and cost-effective. It is believed that it will bring faster, more convenient, and more efficient production methods to food enterprises.

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