Several Characteristics Of Bread Machine


  1. Install the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is re […]

  1. Install the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is removed before packing. The conveyor belt is fixed by four bolts. Just align the bolts with the four holes on the machine. Check the tightness of the conveyor belt after installation. , Not too tight or too loose.

  2. Open the back cover of the machine and take out the protective grounding wire, and tie a metal rod on the protective grounding wire and place it on the ground for safety protection.

  3. The main power switch of the machine is on the control box on the side of the machine. The green button is on and the red button is off. Turn on the main power switch.

  4. Turn on the switch of the forming plate first, and then turn on the switch of the noodle machine and the stuffing machine. Above the noodle and stuffing switches, there are corresponding controllers with adjustable noodles and stuffing, which are used to control the movement of noodles and stuffing. Adjustable controllers for the noodles and fillings from small to large heights, let it idle to observe whether each part is normal, shaking, or abnormal sound, after the inspection is completed, turn off the adjustable controllers for the noodles and fillings small.

  5. Open the cover of the forming plate and add some edible oil on the contact surface between the forming blocks to ensure lubrication to reduce friction.

  6. After finishing the above work, wipe the bread machine clean.

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