Preparations Before Starting The Small Steamed Bun Machine


  Preparations before starting the small steamed bun ma […]

  Preparations before starting the small steamed bun machine: Many customers were very excited after purchasing the steamed bun machine. Finally, there was no manpower to make the steamed buns, and the production volume was also high, and the steamed buns were more beautiful. Admit that there is something about the application of the bun machine. Some shop owners may only notice the problems of making buns more quickly and saving a lot of human resources after purchasing, but they do not notice that this equipment is used in the process of adoption. Some maintenance is required.

  The first is that we must connect the switching power supply before gradually running, and then let them rotate at a high speed to check whether there is a failure in other areas, or if there is no way to start the operation and transport the ingredients and raw materials. Moreover, the switching power supply must be inspected, and the protective measures of the grounding device must be provided after the switching power supply is gradually developed. When doing it, first close the forming power switch, and then the closed conditioning noodle pump power switch. At this time, look at the hollow buns made. You can use an electronic scale to weigh them to see if they meet everyone's regulations. If possible, you can turn on the button for everyone's stuffing and start the manufacture of steamed buns.

  As everyone knows, apply some vegetable oil on the cross-section forming cutter to avoid the surface sticking to the cutter head and hindering the operation of the equipment. It is also carried out after each application to remove the filling opening for the dough to prevent the residual filling environment from polluting the new filling and to prevent the dry dough from scratching the rolling skin. However, there may be some things that you must pay attention to in the adoption of the link.

  Everyone knows that the occurrence of this steamed bun machine has saved a lot of time and money, but you still need to pay attention to the adoption process. No one wants to find that the steamed bun machine is broken during the adoption process. It not only consumes its raw materials but also consumes time and the care of customers. Therefore, the actual operation must be completed by the specified order and requirements in the process of adoption.

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