Opportunities And Challenges Of Cookies Making Machine


  The future development of the cookie making machine i […]

  The future development of the cookie making machine industry is very impressive. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the average annual consumption of cakes per person in China is about 5.09 kg. According to statistics from the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, South Korea and Hong Kong, which have similar dietary habits to the mainland, consume only 8 kilograms of bread per person per year. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the gradual westernization of residents' eating habits, the domestic baking industry has a huge market consumption potential. For food machinery baking equipment manufacturers that provide mechanical equipment and technical support for the baking industry, what opportunities and challenges will they face?

  Cookies making machine is divided into two categories: electric heating type and fuel oil type. It has automatic temperature control, over-temperature protection, timing, humidification, hot air circulation, food in the oven, rotating baking, uniform color, and fast production. Cookies making machine can be used to dry and bake all kinds of bread, cakes, meat products, and various pastries and pasta. It is widely used in food factories, bakeries, institutions, units, canteens, and is also suitable for food baking in individual food processing plants, cake shops, and cake houses.

  The changes in demand in the Chinese cookie making machine market have two main points:

  First, from the perspective of the sales of subdivided products, the market demand for mooncake machinery is gradually decreasing, the demand for cake and bread machinery is stable, and the demand for automated production lines for cookies making machines has increased significantly; the second is from the perspective of sales time, the current market Buyers will go through detailed market investigations, and then optimize the selection of products. After careful consideration, they will place orders. They are more cautious than previous purchases. It also shows that competition in the cookie making machine market is becoming more and more fierce.

  One is the severe economic situation in the domestic market and the increasingly fierce competition, and the other is the growth potential of automated production lines. Shanghai Hanjue Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. not only sees these two points but also intends to combine the two to find breakthroughs.

  Cookies making machine intends to enter the European and American markets in the past 2-3 years. It is expected that foreign trade will account for 40%-50% of the company's sales by then. So planning, but the reality is always more difficult than planning. Entering the European and American markets with higher mechanical levels and earning a place is far from easy as imagined. Companies must build a clear idea in advance: constantly update products, continuously optimize product quality and appearance No, continue to improve the degree of automation, and continuously improve the level of corporate management and staff quality skills.

  In the foreseeable future, the cookies making machine industry, as a relatively large industrial cluster in the food industry, will show a rapid development momentum in the next few decades. Baked foods such as biscuits, egg yolk pies, and puffed foods account for half of the snack foods, and consumers are increasingly favoring these baked goods. Cookies making machine companies continue to cater to market demands, their ability to develop new flavors and new products are constantly increasing, and their marketing methods are constantly innovating to attract customers' attention.

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