Judgement Of The Quality Of Food Produced By Bread Machine


  Which aspects should the quality of a fully automatic […]

  Which aspects should the quality of a fully automatic bread machine mainly look at?

  Speaking of the quality of bread, this is a very complicated issue, and no one can say a word. I think it should be analyzed from the following three aspects:

  One is taste. It is mainly sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, hemp, salty, light, and fragrant.

  The second is the texture. Mainly are soft, hard, crisp, crunchy, sticky, loose, soft, and resistant to chewing.

  The third is appearance, which mainly includes appearance and color. The shape can be divided into the same thickness, uniform flower shape, uniform length, straight and neat, etc.; the color mainly refers to the color and smoothness, the color is pleasing to the eye, and the smooth and pleasant.

  Fourth is a subjective preference. Everyone has their own taste and taste, and their personalization varies greatly. As an old saying goes, "Carrot and cabbage have their own love."

  2. How to judge the quality of bread?

  From the four aspects of taste, taste, appearance, and subjective preferences, each of us can't make the decision for others on the quality of bread.

  At this point, you may have to ask: Does this mean that the quality of the bread cannot be judged? If so, are we talking nonsense?

  No, we still have to have a standard to continue the analysis. There is a special term called "popular preference" in economics, which means "most people think it is good, we think it is good; only a small number of people think it is good, we think it is bad". We can use this as a standard to make a basic judgment.

  With this judgment, as a company, it can seize the market players and clearly delineate its target market.

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