How To Keep A Commercial Encrusting Machine Clean And Functional


  If you run a busy restaurant or bakery, a commercial […]

  If you run a busy restaurant or bakery, a commercial encrusting machine is a key to running your business. You don't have time to deal with mechanical breakdowns or wait for maintenance professionals to fit you into their busy schedules.

  One of the best ways to prevent this problem is to clean your commercial encrusting machine regularly to prevent damage from wear and tear.

  Safety first

  When cleaning a commercial encrusting machine, always disconnect the equipment from the power source. The risk of electric shock is high.

  Also, check the power cord regularly, looking for exposed or frayed wires. This is a workplace safety violation that can be easily resolved by ordering a replacement power cord.

  Lubrication is the key

  Commercial encrusting machines consist of numerous moving parts. To keep all parts running smoothly, lubricate them regularly to prevent heat from deforming the parts. Lubricate the elevator slides at least once a month.

  Regular deep cleaning is necessary

  Wipe down the encrusting machine after each use, but every so often, do a deep clean. This involves unscrewing the parts to remove any leftover dough from all nooks and crannies. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the best deep cleaning process - see the encrusting machine manual.

  Adjust or replace seals as needed

  If the seal is not aligned, it will wear the part faster than normal. It also affects the quality of the dough. Adjust seals if necessary. Also, check the seal. If the planetary assembly leaks, replace these parts as soon as possible or call your local technician for assistance.

  Train staff on best cleaning practices

  If employees help maintain a commercial encrusting machine, make sure they understand all the steps involved. You don't want any electric parts of the encrusting machine to be overwhelmed. All components should be completely dry before being replaced.

  Keep maintenance logs

  It's common to forget when was the last time a commercial encrusting machine was deep cleaned, especially if you have multiple employees working on equipment maintenance. This is why maintaining logs is key. Regular and deep cleanings are recorded and scheduled at key intervals throughout the year.

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