How To Check If The Automatic Encrusting Machine Fails?


  Automatic encrusting machine, as long as you put your […]

  Automatic encrusting machine, as long as you put your dough into the hopper, the blanking device system can automatically divide the dough into small doses, and then through the rotating heating technology shaped production device like a Ferris wheel, baking into various delicious food.

  Then how to check if the automatic encrusting machine fails? Next, the editor will tell you in detail, let’s take a look

  1. Check whether there are burnt, fusion, blistering, deformation, discoloration, flashover, mildew, rust, and other traces on the surface of the component. If there is, it is a "defective component".

  Check the internal wiring for loose, fall, or bad touch connectors.

  Check the printed circuit board and whether there is cracking, whether the solder joints have false soldering, and lap soldering (short circuit). Sometimes we also need companies to search with a high-power magnifying glass.

  2. After a few minutes of booting, unplug the power plug, touch the suspected component with your hand to see if it is overheated, and then determine the defective part.

  Gently shake the components, connections, and connectors by hand to check the appearance of defects.

  3. After turning on the phone, listen carefully to see if they have "sizzling" discharge sounds, humming sounds, and rolling the potentiometers to see if there is a bad "click" sound by touching the society. For mechanical transmission equipment, listen for any abnormal mechanical impact sound.

  The above article on how to check the failure of the automatic encrusting machine is introduced here. If there is anything you don’t understand in the process of checking each part of the automatic encrusting machine, please contact us.

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