How To Bake Delicious Cakes With Cookies Making Machine


  The soft-faced cookies making machine manufacturer te […]

  The soft-faced cookies making machine manufacturer teaches you how to bake delicious pastries. Whether it’s cakes or bread, we all hope to produce attractive results, which make people appetite when they see it. Then in this case Good color and luster are good. Cake products with good gloss and uniform color can attract people's eyes and arouse people's appetite. However, starch is easy to turn black at high temperature, so if we want to bake a good-looking pastry, we must pay attention to controlling the temperature and time, because the baking time and baking temperature are the elements of the color of the baked product, so Time and temperature control is very important. The hot air rotary furnaces that we often use are generally divided into three types: electric type, diesel type, and gas type. Turn on the main power of the converter and turn the temperature switch to the required temperature to preheat. When the temperature is reached, open the converter door and turn the food table Push the car, close the oven door, and set the baking time.

  The hot air rotary furnace is single temperature control, with no upper and lower fire temperature adjustment, so you must understand the characteristics of the converter when baking. The temperature displayed on the thermometer is the surface fire and the baking time is the bottom fire, that is, the higher the furnace temperature, the higher the fire The heavier, the longer the baking time, and the heavier the bottom fire. During baking, the temperature of the product entering the converter is adjusted according to the difference in the baked product. The baking time and baking temperature are the elements of the color of the baked product, so pay attention to the temperature adjustment of the furnace. The higher the temperature, the shorter the baking time. If the surface fire is just right and the bottom fire is insufficient, just extend the baking time. However, if the color of the surface fire is too dark and the color of the bottom fire is just right, the furnace temperature must be lowered, and the baking time will not change. Adjust according to this baking principle, you can bake the desired product color as you like. Friends, all have learned Well, I hope our suggestions can be helpful to everyone.

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