How Does The Encrusting Machine Do Cleaning And Maintenance Work?


  With the continuous development of mechanical product […]

  With the continuous development of mechanical production lines, various foods have gradually realized mechanization and automation in production and processing. Just like the emergence of various encrusting machines, the efficiency of the food tray can be greatly improved. The encrusting machine also plays an important role when the product enters the quick freezing process.

  As we all know, my country's food industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for food machinery is increasing day by day. The automatic encrusting machine is suitable for the large-scale production of many foods, such as glutinous rice balls, steamed buns, biscuits, bread, shortbread, etc. The automatic arranging equipment can avoid the damage or pollution of products that are not quick-frozen or manual operation before baking. Meet food hygiene standards.

  In short, the use of the automatic encrusting machine can increase product output, improve product quality, and at the same time can save a lot of labor, thereby reducing production costs, and bringing good economic benefits to the enterprise. However, it is worth mentioning that the daily maintenance of the automatic plate swinging machine can not only ensure the normal balance of the equipment, extend the service life, but also ensure the stable efficiency of the equipment. So, for the encrusting machine, how to do good cleaning and maintenance work? What problems should be paid attention to while maintaining?

  First, before using the machine, it is better to regularly add lubricating oil to each running part, such as gears, sprockets, chains, etc. When the machine is running, there should be no foreign matter jamming. If you hear an abnormal sound, you should stop it for inspection immediately, and then run it after troubleshooting;

  Second, do not forget to disconnect the power supply before all maintenance work on the automatic encrusting machine. When cleaning, use a rag to wipe the surface of the product, and the dust in the electrical box should be cleaned up in time. Do not use water jet cleaning to avoid electrical failure caused by moisture;

  Third, the positions of the electric eyes and the proximity switch of the encrusting machine should be kept clean to prevent the sensitivity from being reduced, which would affect the efficiency of the entire production line.

  Fourth, after the encrusting machine is finished every day, the wobble plate should be raised in two positions, and the conveyor belt should return to the starting position. At this time, you can turn the short handle of the power switch to the "OFF" position to cut off the power of the machine, and the touch screen will not light up.

  Fifth, the dust attached to the cylinder should be cleaned in time to prevent the dirt from being retained and affecting the overall performance of the action.

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