Hanjue Cookies Making Machine Are Very Popular Among Users


  The hanjue cookies making machine is a forming machin […]

  The hanjue cookies making machine is a forming machine that can produce a variety of unique fancy desserts and cookie blanks through dough extrusion. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, compact structure, multi-function, and simple operation. It is well received by users. It is also one of the most ideal new food machinery of investors in the current market. The machine has a variety of molds and can produce dozens of fancy cookies, apricot cakes, babycakes, sesame cakes, and melon seed cakes. Users can adjust and choose according to their needs. The formed fancy desserts and cookies have unique shapes, unique patterns, clear patterns, and beautiful shapes. The green body produced by this machine can be baked in a hot air rotary furnace or tunnel furnace.

  Cookies making machine features:

  1. No skilled worker, anyone can operate

  2. Using servo motor plc touch screen control system to ensure the dough is intact 3. Liquid dough can also accumulate

  4. Product weight: adjustable

  5. Product thickness: adjustable

  6. ​​It can be directly configured with the biscuit oven, and can produce various types of cookies such as extrusion, cutting, and double salad bars.

  Cookies making machine is conveyed by canvas. Through the telescopic arm, the cookie blanks can be directly sent into the tunnel mesh belt baking oven. The transfer tray can also be used in conjunction with chain furnaces, box furnaces, and hot air rotary furnaces. This machine can be equipped with an egg yolk cake device according to customer requirements to produce the popular egg yolk cake in the market and increase the variety of colors. The machine is easy to operate and clean, and it is a new generation model.

  cookies making machine is divided into two categories: electric heating type and fuel type. It has automatic temperature control, over-temperature protection, timing, humidification, hot air circulation, food in the oven, rotating baking, uniform color, and fast production. Cookies making machine can be used to dry and bake various bread, cakes, meat products, and various pastries and pasta. Cookies making machine are widely used in the canteens of food factories, bakeries, institutions, units, and troops, as well as food baking in individual food processing plants, cake shops, and cake shops.

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