Difficult Problems With A Bread Machine


  One: In the case of bread production, sometimes the f […]

  One: In the case of bread production, sometimes the filling can not go out?

  1. This is caused by the fillings being too thick. Because the fillings have very poor circulation and the particles are very large, the fillings will not come out.

  2. The disassembly of the filling part of the bread machine was not installed in time or other components were installed here.

  3. The manageable controller of the bread machine or the soft starter of the machine is abnormal.

  Two: bread skills are too thin

  1: If such a situation occurs, it is necessary to check the proportion of fillings and skin fillings, whether it is caused by too much filling.

  2: Check whether the approval port of the machine is installed properly and whether the machine is used under the standard value of the machine.

  3: If the bread filling is too thin, the total flow is too large, it will cause such a situation.

  4: The filling is too hard, pay attention to the case of live filling, make sure the filling is softer than the batter.

  5: There is an abnormal situation in the noodle pressing machine, which will destroy the internal mechanism of the batter and damage the noodles.


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