Daily Maintenance Of Energy Ball Making Machine


  Energy ball making machine is an important part of en […]

  Energy ball making machine is an important part of energy ball making production line. In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the energy ball making production line, care should be taken to maintain the equipment in daily life:

  1. All maintenance work and cleaning machines must be completely disconnected from the power supply. When cleaning, wipe the surface of the product of a rag, and do not use jet water to clean it to ensure safety. The dust in the electrical box should be cleaned in time to avoid electrical appliances caused by the tide of acting. malfunction.

  2. Before using the machine, lubricating oil must be regularly added to each operating part, such as gear, sprocket, chain, etc.

  3. When the machine is running, there should be no foreign matter jamming, and abnormal noises should be heard. It should be shut down and checked immediately, and then run after troubleshooting.

  4. When the machine is finished every day, the baking tray should be raised to two positions. If the conveyor belt is not at the starting position, the machine should be returned to zero, and the conveyor belt should return to the starting position. At this time, the short handle of the power switch can be turned to "OFF". Position, cut off the machine power, the touch screen does not light up.

  5. The positions of the electric eyes and the proximity switch of the energy ball making machine should be cleaned frequently to prevent sensitivity reduction.

  6. The dust attached to the cylinder should be cleaned up in time to prevent the dirt from remaining and affecting the performance.

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