Cautions For Steamed Bun Machine Operation


  Notes for steamed bun machine operation:   1, steamed […]

  Notes for steamed bun machine operation:

  1, steamed bun machine mold opening plate cover, add a small amount of smooth oil or grease between the blades.

  2. Check the forward and reverse rotation after turning on the power supply (grounding shelter is required), close the switches of all parts and let the machine run dry, and check whether the parts are deformed.

  3. When trying to make, first turn off the forming switch, then turn on the conditioning noodle pump switch, put the kneaded noodles into the noodle bucket until a hollow bun is made, and then adjust the filling section button, and make the first-named crust according to the requested ratio. For the weight, turn off the noodle pump switch.

  4. Close the filling pump switch, put the filling into the filling hopper, and let the filling come out from the machine head, until the filling is full of the filling pump, the noodle supply can be closed and stopped.

  5. When the filling-containing noodles are formed into a complete bun through the mold, the buns are adjusted (for filling and conditioning) so that the buns reach the requested size and the ratio of the skin and fillings.

  The steamed bun machine is easy to operate, can make buns of various shapes, and is quicker to market. A brief introduction about the operation of the steamed bun machine: Put the mixed noodles into the steamed bun machine's noodle bucket—put the mixed stuffing into the steamed bun machine stuffing bucket—start the steamed bun machine main power—turn the steamed bun machine Forming switch-turn off the steamed bun machine output switch-turn off the steamed bun machine output switch-take out the passing buns from the conveyor belt.

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