Bread Machine Production Line Must Do A Good Job Of Product Quality


  The bread machine is suitable for automated productio […]

  The bread machine is suitable for automated production. The dough is rolled and stretched by two dough rollers and a noodle device to make the dough shinier and more stable in quality; each dough roller of the bread machine has a thickness adjustment device to set the thickness of the dough Thickness is used to increase or decrease the weight of the product; the speed of the dough is controlled by the electric eye between the pressing wheel and the thinning device, so that the dough will not be broken or blocked due to the too fast conveying speed of the main machine. The bread machine passes through the last main machine. Press the dough roller, the dough will fall on the main conveyor belt, and then roll the dough into strips through the reel and auxiliary reel; if the bread machine wants to produce cut products, you can turn on the power of the separate cutting table and set it. Cut the length to determine the length and weight of the product; with synchronous speed regulation function.

  When there are sufficient internal pressure and arrangement strength, the bread production line can maintain a greater degree of expansion. When cooling and depressurizing, it must shrink when the retraction force is greater than the support force.

  To avoid the shrinkage of the bread production line, we should start with the quality of the material and time on the technology.

  Kneading and kneading the dough should make the dough reach the best condition, adjusting the pH of the dough to an appropriate scale, proper proofing, and ensuring the technical conditions for steaming are the key to dealing with the shrinkage of the bread production line.

  The taste of the bread production line is also one of the most important goals for determining quality.

  A high-quality bread production line should be soft and strong, elastic and not sticky, and have a uniform microporous layout inside.

  Common questions about the layout of the bread production line are sticky and inelastic, too hard and not too weak, too hard, too weak and weak in elasticity, poor or no layers, and empty and not delicate inside.

  The main factors affecting the arrangement of the bread production line are the amount of water added, the degree of kneading, dough fermentation, kneading operation, and the degree of proofing. After adjusting the technical parameters, the taste of the bread production line can be significantly improved.

  The bread production line is used for automated production with reasonable design and a high degree of automation. It is made by imitating manual craftsmanship. The bread production line is composed of a multi-function encrusting and forming machine, a separate filling machine, and a separate kneading machine. The dough is first rolled into strips. Shape, and then cut into pieces or cut, so as not to damage the structure of the dough composition, high gluten, good taste.

  If you want to produce cut products, you can turn on the power of the cutter and set the cutting length to determine the product size and weight. The double screw conveys the filling to make the filling more uniform, imitating hand-kneaded flowers, and the flower shape is more natural and beautiful.

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