Bread Is Not Big, Bread Machine Manufacturer Will Help You


  For bakers, there is often such a problem, the bread […]

  For bakers, there is often such a problem, the bread is always not big. I can't solve the problem with a little knowledge. Today, the bread machine manufacturer will tell you why the bread is not so big.

  Let's take a look at the reasons why the bread is not good:

  1. The amount of yeast is insufficient or expired;

  2. Insufficient or excessive stirring;

  3. The temperature of the dough is too low or too high and the fermentation is too long;

  4. The flour gluten is not enough;

  5. Too much oil, sugar, and salt;

  6. The final fermentation time is insufficient;

  7. The flour is new or stored for too long.

  Let's take a look at the solution:

  1. Yeast should be appropriately added according to the climate, and more in winter. Also, pay attention to whether the yeast is loose or leaking when you buy it back, otherwise, it will affect the fermentation and lead to insufficient bread volume;

  2. Pay attention to the observation when mixing the dough, and remember not to under or over mix, generally after mixing until the gluten is fully expanded;

  3. The temperature of the dough can be adjusted by the water temperature. In winter, the noodles can be mixed with appropriate warm water, and in summer, ice water or ice cubes should be added to adjust;

  4. For example, the flour gluten content of sweet bread can reach more than 28%, while the staple food package such as toast needs more than 32% gluten;

  5. The proportion of the formula should be balanced. Oil and sugar are weak materials, too much will cause the bread to shrink or collapse, and too much salt will inhibit the fermentation of the bread, resulting in insufficient bread volume;

  6. The final proofing of the bread depends on the type of bread. The sweetbread takes a shorter time, while the toast and the generous bag take longer. During the proofing process, you need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity, otherwise, it will directly affect the bread. size;

  7. Bread flour is best used for production after half a month from the factory.

  Master the above methods, and the bread that comes out is like this!

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